Here are some of the facts you should know about the Sports, Rugby:

  1. Let us tackle the history of the sport first. Rugby has originated in 1823 and was named after the School it was first played, at the Rugby School. It is when William Webb Ellis played football, he caught the ball and ran to the opponent’s goal with it.
  2. Did you ever wonder why the rugby ball is oval in shape? The first Rugby ball was made by Richard Lindon. He fashioned it out of his hand, stitched it with a leather casing and a pig’s bladder. Since a pig’s bladder naturally, take on an oval shape.
  3. The most famous and successful Rugby team is the New Zealand’s Rugby team, The All Blacks. Before every game will start The All Blacks will perform the haka dance. A haka dance is a Maori war dance, which is usually performed by tribes and cultural groups across their country.
  4. Talking about teams, despite The All Blacks are being widely considered to be the greatest Rugby team, the United States of America’s team, the Yanks, are still reigning the Olympic Rugby Championship. The Yanks were the last team to win in 1924.
  5. Unlike any other sports in the world, not a single team has won the Rugby world cup one year has managed to retain it in the next world cup.
  6. There are tries in the game, it does not have any points to award for a try. This a unique mechanism of the sport, a player would not receive any points for crossing the line but they did gain the opportunity to try and kick at the goal. A try is worth 5 points in the Rugby Union while 4 points in the Rugby League. Players can then get to earn an extra two points by trying to score a conversion shot (this is to kick through the goal post).
  7. Basketball was made by a Rugby coach, in which his reason was for his players to have some form of indoor sporting activity to keep the players conditioned when it is the off-season.
  8. A player of Rugby named Daisuke Ohata of Japan has scored the most amount of tries. He scored 69 tries in 58 matches. Rugby was introduced in Japan by a Cambridge University instructor who taught the sport as an extra-curricular activity.
  9. The highest scoring game was the battle between Japan and New Zealand. The All Black beat Japan, 145 points to 17 in a World Cup game that was held last June 1995. But that is not the largest winning margin, it is between the Australia and Namibia in 2003, with 142 points to 0 points which were won by Australia.
  10. The International Rugby Board is a sentimental kind, they have been using the same whistle since 1905. It was first used during the first opening of the Rugby World Cup game. The whistle is named after the Welsh referee who used it during the first opening of the Rugby World Cup game, Gil Evans.
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