There are a couple of sports on the list as it is a part of our activities of daily living. Sports ignite the sense of competitiveness and yet, it provides entertainment to both of the players and audience.  There are a couple of sports in the United Kingdom which the others varied from other countries since sports correlates to the place’s culture and traditions. Here on the list are the top most popular sports in the United Kingdom:

  1. Football, this has been the most popular sports in the United Kingdom. It still follows the traditional league system, however, the money surrounding football has increased a lot over the previous years. With footballers able to buy very nice sports cars and get them repaired easily buy Whoops Wheel Fix It. The most prominent teams of the famous premier league were from the United Kingdom.
  2. Cricket, this is the national game of the United Kingdom, where it has first embedded. The oldest Cricket championship was held in the United Kingdom and is the world’s first class country championship of the United Kingdom.
  3. Rugby, the sport is played by the elite class people and is sponsored by the government of UK.
  4. Badminton is reflected as a long heritage in the UK.
  5. Tennis, the sport’s Wimbledon tournament originated in the UK and the first tennis club was found.
  6. Swimming
  7. Ice Hockey UK
  8. Netball Super League

Let’s Play Rugby!

Rugby was developed in 1823 and became popular throughout the United Kingdom in the 1850 and 1860.

It is a team sport, and it has a wide variation of benefits from health to socialization. Rugby demands most of your time and energy, it is a physically demanding sport. Thus, the players of this sport should prepare his mental, physical and emotional status. The sport requires the players to know how to play the course of the game safely. With it being such a rough game, you are more than likely going to need some form of medical treatment at some point during your play time. If you lack health insurance however, that could leave you in a bit of a pickle – so go and find a policy at which should see you well in the future. The players, coaches, and parents are responsible for ensuring a positive, safe and enjoyable atmosphere where all players will be able to reach and achieve their fullest potential and, that the training, education materials, and equipment are prepared to support them in creating the desired atmosphere.

There are many forms of Rugby.

  1. Tag Rugby. A non-contact game yet gum shield is advised. It is safe, tag belts or tag shorts replace tackling.
  2. Touch Rugby. A contact game where players do not tackle the traditional, highly physical way. They contact the opponents using their hands on any part of the body, clothing or the ball.
  3. Wheelchair Rugby. A mixed team sport for male and female quadriplegic athletes.
  4. Beach Rugby. A non-contact and played in the sand game, the tag rugby laws apply.
  5. Rugby 7s, 10s, 12s, 15s. The laws and mechanics depends on the number of players in the game.
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